Background screening for nonprofit volunteers and employees is a tool that your organization cannot afford to be without. With a proven track record as the leading screening intelligence provider for religious and nonprofit organizations, PeopleFacts is ready to help protect the people you serve. If your organization has numerous volunteers, you know that each person presents a valuable component to the work you do. It can be difficult to manage each volunteer’s required and specific training. Background screening each and every volunteer can be cumbersome and easy to forget continued volunteer screening renewals which ensure your organization is safe and well-protected against threats.

With our People Management System, you can train and evaluate all of your volunteers and select the background screening options your organization requires, using one easy-to-use online application. Our online screening service provides access to criminal, sexual offender, motor vehicle and personal credit information—allowing your organization to make informed volunteer placement decisions quickly. Use the PeopleFacts Online Screening System to:

  • Obtain information from over 1 billion records, nationwide
  • Access criminal files from any court records system
  • Identify sexual offenders to protect the people you serve
  • Confirm identities through Social Security Number checks
  • Verify education and employment history
  • Obtain personal and professional references
  • Assess credit history to avoid financial improprieties
  • Check motor vehicle records
  • Increase safety and minimize losses
  • Complete Volunteer Management system integration available


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