People Management

Realize your organization’s goals as you screen and mobilize your team. Manage profiles, events, and documents—all in one online application.

Smart-Trak is a proprietary integrated solution to seamlessly track your employees, contractors or volunteers through their entire engagement with your organization. Screen, manage, schedule, communicate with, mobilize, train and develop your work force online.

Whether you upload your own custom training program (i.e., organization-specific safety practices, how to report concerns, etc.,) or use our training programs, your volunteers and employees will be ready to serve. Training formats include text, PowerPoint and video. Social media platform integration is also available.

Online Training

PeopleFacts knows the importance of training your team and growing your people. With our proprietary Smart-Trak | People Intelligence™ platform, we give you and your leaders an easy way to teach, train and grow your people. With training methods including video training, custom on-line testing, PowerPoint teaching tools and more, the options are unlimited and the tools are of value.

Whether you design your own training module or deploy training content delivered by someone else, we have the technology solution you need to timely train and keep track of your educational and learning development investment in your people.