Improve your business processes by applying our screening intelligence technology and domain expertise.

Because of the ownership of our data and delivery platform—and our proficiency in data management—we frequently develop unique solutions for clients, vendors, software providers, and even other screening companies dedicated to data quality. Nationwide, PeopleFacts is driving some of the largest platforms supporting HR, Property Management Systems and Volunteer Organizations.

For example, as a national wholesale criminal data provider we supply high quality, compliant data delivered in the formats our clients need, efficiently and in record time. With our proprietary logic, we reduce false-positives and allow clients to customize their own report results.

As a trusted provider and systems expert, PeopleFacts is committed to developing long-standing client partnerships by anticipating client needs and analyzing and delivering information that is critical for managing risks.

Our IT infrastructure Colocation data hosting services ensures the highest level of uptime and network performance for your business.