The PeopleFacts fulfillment team helps you begin from a position of truth by verifying critical application and resume information in areas that can be a source of exaggeration and falsification. With every fulfillment team member FCRA certified and trained, PeopleFacts delivers on its commitment to compliance. Our verification services include:

Residential Verifications

Using the history provided by a tenant on their application for residency, or the address history from the tenant’s credit check, our researchers verify and assess the character, payment history, and traits of the tenant.

Employment Verifications

Using the employment information provided by the applicant, our researchers verify the position held, salary, reason for departure and hiring recommendations. Additional information may be located through online sources, such as webpage searches. This is a useful tool for revealing any exaggerations or falsifications.

Credential Verifications

Using the credential information provided by the applicant, our researches verify the date of credentialing, credential obtained, source of credential, and expiration dates.

Education Verifications

Using the education information provided by the applicant, our researchers verify the dates of education attendance, degrees obtained, and school of attendance. Hiring employers often overlook education verification although it is the primary area of exaggeration and falsification on executive resumes nationwide.

Reference Checking

Using the information provided by the applicant, our researchers conduct interviews to verify personal references to reveal additional information on an applicant’s personality, integrity and character.  Pastoral, Professional, Personal, Tenant/Landlord, Credit, Social Media, and other reference types are available.

Custom Research and Verifications

Our fulfillment team stands ready to research and verify information relevant to you and your industry. The possibilities are endless and the solutions are customized for you. Whether it is airline, banking, insurance, trucking, security, teacher, pastoral or more, our fulfillment team is ready to serve you.