Make informed decisions and reduce risk in your organization with our background screening intelligence.  Whether you are screening your employees, residents for a multi-family housing facility, or volunteers for your nonprofit organization, we’re here to help.

In an uncertain world, we provide you security by enabling organizations of all sizes to accurately and responsibly assess human risk and improve decision making. We can help you reduce risk as you:

  • Secure quality people
  • Increase profits
  • Improve retention
  • Improve community
  • Strengthen reputation

We deliver fast, clear, concise and FCRA-compliant background screening, featuring:

  • Reports and expertise, both domestic (US) and international
  • Comprehensive, customizable background screening solutions
  • Industry-leading turnaround times and an array of rapid reports
  • Superior public record and private research
  • Intelligent screening reports in usable formats
  • Unparalleled technology and integration capabilities
  • Exceptional customer service and internal ticket tracking system
  • Millions of reports processed annually for clients nationwide
  • Integration with applications in many industries
  • Established integrity and professionalism with legal compliance issues
  • Over 1 billion criminal records, nationwide

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