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PeopleFacts is a nationally recognized, accredited background screening and technology solutions delivery firm made up of passionate professionals that focus on promoting truth, supporting informed decision making, protecting people and instigating transformation through web-based solutions for background screening, people management, talent assessment, training and collaboration.

How Can Background Screening Lead Your Company to Success?

By | August 6th, 2015|Best Practices|

Background screening is a very comprehensive term – this word refers to a multitude of categories and services. If you do decide that a background screening program is what your [...]

Avoid the Risk of a Negligent Retention Claim

By | July 27th, 2015|Uncategorized|

At an ever increasing rate, companies are implementing a background screening process into their hiring process – this occurrence raises the question of why? Why are companies perpetuating the trend [...]

3 Steps to Getting Rid of Fear in the Hiring Process

By | July 27th, 2015|Uncategorized|

When you are hiring, is fear a primary motivation for diving into the history of an applicant? Starting off your hiring process with fear as your motivation is a dangerous [...]

The Holes in Fingerprinting State Police Records

By | February 13th, 2015|Best Practices|

A few years back, a gathering of Girl Scout directors in a Midwest state met with a representative with their state police about the accuracy of the state police criminal [...]

A Season for Thanks

By | November 20th, 2014|Videos|

We are so thankful to work with an amazing team at PeopleFacts Technology. If you haven’t seen our “What are you thankful for?” video yet, I would HIGHLY suggest watching [...]

What is “ban the box” and how does it affect me?

By | October 11th, 2014|Videos|


Why should I use a background screening company to check references?

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Do I need to tell a candidate if I find out something negative about them?

By | October 9th, 2014|Videos|


What if I decide to not work with an applicant?

By | October 8th, 2014|Videos|


Can’t I just ask my police friend to run my background check?

By | October 7th, 2014|Videos|