PeopleFacts delivers the critical services that nonprofit organizations need to manage risk associated with their volunteers, contractors and employees. With our innovative technology and unprecedented client service, minimize your organization’s exposure to potential incidents, accusations and legal action. PeopleFacts services are designed to help non-profits select; assess, train and develop; and communicate with and mobilize; the volunteers and employees that will advance their mission.

Background Screening

Background screening is a risk mitigation tool you cannot afford to be without. With customized online screening tools, confidently place your volunteers and employees as you eliminate surprises and prevent liability. Find out more about our Volunteer Screening Services.

Verification & Research

PeopleFacts researchers can perform the verification of any applicant information that cannot be otherwise performed automatically, such as verification of employment, credentialing and education; as well as professional, personal and pastoral reference checking. Find out more about our Verification & Research services.

People Management

Realize your organization’s goals as you screen and mobilize your people. Manage profiles, events, and documents—all in one online application! Learn more about PeopleFacts’s proprietary management system.

Custom Technology Solutions

Because of PeopleFacts’s expertise in data and technology, clients often look to PeopleFacts to consult with them and then develop, implement and maintain robust technology solutions for them to improve their core business processes.  Find out more how we can help make your processes more efficient through Custom Technology Solutions so you can focus on your mission.