PeopleFacts places the power of informed leasing into your hands with its predictive and advanced decision making tool. The FasTRAK resident assessment solution provides you with the ability to set your own custom criteria and advanced decision-making solution for approving applicants. PeopleFacts′s applicant resident screening intelligence analyzes criminal history, identity, bad check writing patterns, evictions records, rent-to-earnings ratio and credit data based on your custom-designed risk tolerance before returning rapid decisions that meet the criteria you establish for your property.

Adjust your custom criteria as you go to account for changes in occupancy, economic environment, resident mix, property class type and risk tolerance. With PeopleFacts, you can be confident your leasing agents are making quick and objective decisions based on the criteria you determine to be right for you.

Known for our fast, clear, concise and FCRA-compliant reports, PeopleFacts′s FasTRAK resident assessment solutions enable you to:

  • Access the fastest and most intuitive rental applicant decision model on the market
  • Obtain information from over 1 billion criminal records, nationwide
  • Customize an objective, rapid decision model
  • Identify sexual offenders to protect communities
  • Confirm identities through Social Security Number checks
  • Access nationwide eviction and bad check reports
  • Appropriately assess credit to reduce risk
  • Receive comprehensive, informative management reports
  • Screen for criminal records across multiple states


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