Look to PeopleFacts for fast, clear, concise and compliant reports as you protect your tenants, guests, properties and assets.

Resident History

  • Access applicant rental history including lease dates and fulfillment
  • Verify lease payment history, late payments and number of insufficient funds
  • Obtain confirmation of pets, roommates, and general resident recommendation

Employment History

  • Confirm present and previous employment history
  • Verify monthly income to determine income-to-rent ratio

Criminal Record Searches

  • Access over 1 billion criminal records, nationwide
  • Search criminal records rapidly from 46 states plus Washington, DC
  • View sex offender reports from all 50 states with rapid results
  • Use a variety of terrorist, most-wanted, Interpol and narcotics database reports
  • Search criminal records from previous known but unreported addresses

Utilize credit reports in full compliance with FCRA.

  • View credit rating and bankruptcy history
  • Identify bad check writing patterns rapidly nationwide
  • Use our customizable Risk Analysis Tools
  • Customize our scoring model to fit your specific decision criteria
  • Provide rapid recommendations to leasing staff
  • Adjust your risk tolerance as you determine necessary

Management Reports

  • Review property marketing and advertising trends
  • Analyze acceptance rates and decision criteria
  • Ensure leasing staff compliance
  • Gauge the impact of adjustments on decision criteria

Eviction History

  • Avoid leasing to tenants with a history of evictions
  • Research statewide civil eviction filings
  • Cross-reference additional states’ civil eviction filings

Other Residential Products

  • Tenant insurance with ePremium
  • Customizable decision models
  • Cross-reference additional states’ civil eviction filings


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