Look to PeopleFacts for fast, clear, concise and compliant reports as you protect your volunteers and your mission with screening reports needed for comprehensive risk management.

Criminal Record Searches

Rapid Reports:

  • Access over 1 billion criminal records, nationwide
  • Search criminal records rapidly from 46 states plus Washington, DC
  • View sex offender reports from all 50 states with rapid results
  • Use a variety of terrorist, most-wanted, Interpol and narcotics database reports
  • Rely on our Random Testing Services to screen your workforce on an ongoing basis

Manual Reports:

  • Conduct manual record searches in jurisdictions where data is not readily available
  • Benefit from our network of over 2000 court researchers
  • Access criminal records in over 3100 counties, nationwide

Social Security Number Checks

  • Verify validity of SSN against Death Master Index
  • Verify identities and work eligibility
  • View previous addresses and employers
  • Search criminal records in previous known locations

Motor Vehicle Reports

  • Discover expiration dates and limitations
  • Reveal previous accidents and incidents
  • Search specific state records,  i.e., driving history
  • Commercial driver’s license status and history

Manual Verifications and Reference Checking

  • Confirm education and employment histories
  • Benefit from expert reference interviews
  • Validate licensures, certifications and credentials
  • Perform international verifications

Workers’ Compensation Reports

  • Investigate prior claims and court records in a selected state to reveal patterns
  • Reduce workers’ compensation insurance costs

Financial Records

  • Utilize credit reports in full compliance with FCRA
  • View credit rating and bankruptcy history
  • Identify bad check writing patterns rapidly nationwide

Drug and Alcohol Screening

  • Identify illegal drug or alcohol misuse in your workplace
  • Implement an on-going substance-free workplace screening program
  • Utilize rapid drug testing options for on-site screening
  • Improve results accuracy through comprehensive lab-based testing

Other Employment Products

  • People tracking and training with Smart-Trak


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