You have spoken, and we have heard you!

Today, you are getting a pre-view of our soon to be released version of TRAK-1!  We are introducing a cleaner look to our background screening platform with enhanced functionality for easier use by you.  You will find this new visual clarity easier on your eyes, and the new functions easier to use . . . we think you’ll like it!

We have made it much more intuitive from the way you see your reports, to the efficiency of the Archive Toolbox Search, to the way you can print multiple applications at a time with a very cool new feature in Batch Print.

Our top line Navigation Bar is now highlighted in hot red, so that you know exactly what page you are looking at, or dynamically highlighted by your cursor to your next action.  You will find added functionality in several of the Add Additional Services options (especially check in the County Court records area).

One final feature note:  You will love our newly added Applicant Confirmation Page!  After you have entered the applicant data, and click Next, you will ushered to this new page to review your data entered, before submitting it to us.  This allows you to make corrections on the screen, and saves you in report processing, and decision making.

Making your background screening process easier and more efficient is why we exist!  These sample screens are to help you get an insider’s view of what is coming next.  The release date is set for Sept. 3, 2013.  Your feedback is surely welcome!  Please contact Steve Doll @ (800) 600-8999 to let us know your thoughts, if you would care to share one!


Click The Images Below to Get a Full Size View

Reports Page


Applications Page


Confirmation Page