In the past two decades the world has swiftly changed from looking at scrapbooks and printed pictures that we assemble and put together from the past to watching the life of our friends happen in real time.   Our ability to connect with people globally has been transformed in the process and the term digital community has come to life.   Regardless of what you think about it, this (r)evolution has taken place and we are not looking back as much as we are looking ahead to determine the next revolutionary change.

PeopleFacts has adapted to the revolutions and evolutions of the background screening industry at a pace that pushes the industry forward toward more accuracy for our clients, greater respect for consumer rights to ensure quality decisions are being made and best practices (rather than just what the law requires) to improve quality of reporting.   At the same time, we have balanced being at the forefront with a desire to release new technology in a way and at a time that it makes sense for our client base.

As an organization that is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment (whether it is a place to work, a place to live, a place to engage or associate, or a place to serve as a volunteer), you need to know when the lives of your people may be disruptive to your organization or its other people.   Continually monitoring your people gives you an ongoing opportunity to receive an alert about new items that arise that might be beneficial for you to know.

Continuous monitoring is different from periodically re-screening (i.e. annually, every 2 years, etc.) a person and taking a new snapshot from a different point in time of their past.   Continuous monitoring delivers real time alerts when new information that is relevant to you becomes available.   And that puts you in a position of really knowing your people.

To learn more about Continuous Monitoring, and hear about real examples of the power of continuous monitoring for an organization like yours, please sign up for join our webinar on May 7, 2015 at 2 p.m. CST.  This (r)evolutionary process may change the way you think about background screening for the future.  Go to:  to secure your spot on the webinar, but more importantly, set you and your organization ahead of others in reducing your hiring risk, reducing on-going risks with internal people management, and see your profits soar.