Many of our clients are operating in an era of increased government regulation, heightened government enforcement activity and aggressive plaintiff’s actions against small and large businesses alike.   The overarching impact on our clients and our industry is much improved quality and accuracy of reporting, much improved protections to consumers, slower turn around times on decision making for companies and higher costs associated with each decision made by a company.

PeopleFacts has been known in our industry for nearly a decade as being a leader in helping companies make quality decisions as they on-board people for employment, volunteer or tenant/residential living purposes.   We have been longtime advocates for getting the truth from the beginning and using clear rules for decision-making as a way to enhance and improve the quality of people you on-board at your companies.

Unfortunately, over the past 6 years the idea that a company can avoid wrongful discrimination by having clear black and white standards for decision making have been eroded and replaced by concepts of making individualized decisions on a case-by-case basis which has opened the floodgates for increased litigation and government action where clear rules for decision making once laid.   As we have watched the governmental regulatory and plaintiff’s bar landscape change for our clients and our company alike, we have taken aggressive moves as a company to prepare ourselves and our clients for the sea wave of changes.

As an industry leader, I have personally advocated for the elimination of intentional discrimination, promotion of FCRA compliance, improvement in accuracy of consumer reporting, protection of personal identifying information, protection of consumer rights and delivery of FCRA education within our industry and for all clients and consumers alike.  At the same time, I have been a strong advocate for truth in decision making as being a stepping stone for transformation of an individuals pathway in life, quality background screening as a method of verifying the veracity of information provided, promoting the availability of public record information and ensuring that private identifying information is made available through our court systems to improve the quality and accuracy of background screening efforts by companies.

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