Employee drug testing and alcohol screening conducts accurate and fast testing of your candidates in certified facilities, preserving the safety and productivity of employees and organizations. Drug testing can help you reduce the effects of drug abuse, including  absenteeism, tardiness, employee turnover, workplace injuries, attitude problems, embezzlement, productivity, crime and violence.

FACT: PeopleFacts has a national network of more than 12,000 collection sites.

FACT: Pre-employment, post-accident or random testing programs are available through PeopleFacts.

Highly regarded for its accuracy and expansive network, PeopleFacts pre and post-employment drug and alcohol screening provides organizations a local and national solution. Protect your investment and ensure your future growth and ask us about all of our employment screening  solutions.

PeopleFacts Employee Drug Testing

  • Traditional and customizable panel urine testing with a Medical Review Officer (MRO).
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated five-panel urine testing with MRO and hair follicle testing.
  • Turnaround time for negative results is as quick as 30 minutes, while non-negative results are typically returned in 48-72 hours.

PeopleFacts Breath Alcohol Tests (BAT)

  • Test results are available before the subject leaves the clinic.
  • In the event of a positive result, the subject will undergo further testing for confirmation.
  • Copies of BAT results are forwarded to you within two hours after testing.