PeopleFacts offers education verification and authentication solutions to help safeguard your assets, people and information against misrepresentation and identity fraud.

Having complete, reliable knowledge of a candidate’s credentials and qualifications is one of the most vital tools in the background screening process, and it is one of the best predictors of how well they will perform for you. PeopleFact’s education verification services confirms an applicant’s level of formal education and verifies schools attended, degrees obtained, attendance dates and grade point average. These informational reports can assist in identifying a candidate’s qualifications and salary range.

  • FACT: PeopleFacts has an entire department of Report Development Specialists who are trained and ready to assist our clients with any credentialing need.
  • FACT: PeopleFacts maintains an internal database of organizations, schools and college verification requirements to make the process of credentialing as efficient and timely as possible.
  • FACT: PeopleFacts provides diploma and degree verification services for all levels of education.

PeopleFacts Education Verification
Verifies college attended, type of degree granted and confirms dates of attendance. High school education or GED verification services are also available.

PeopleFacts Professional Credential Verification
Contact is made with an organization or agency to verify a qualification or affiliation, member status and other available information. This report provides primary source credentialing verification services for hospitals, physician practices, health plans, and other institutional organizations.

PeopleFacts International Verifications
Global verifications can be completed, such as previous employment, academic verifications, reference checks and, where legally available and reliable, criminal record checks, credit checks and professional license checks. PeopleFacts can partner with customers to implement an effective global background screening program in order to ensure consistency across the world.

PeopleFacts offers clients peace of mind, knowing that their screening processes are completely compliant with all federal, state and local laws. A member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, PeopleFacts has been a leader in the employment data industry since 1987. PeopleFacts provides employing organizations nationwide with the highest quality screening products and customer support available in the industry. The PeopleFacts DataSure system increases the accuracy of reports through manual reviews by industry professionals located in a U.S.-based headquarters

Highly regarded for its accuracy and expansive network, PeopleFacts preemployment screening provides organizations a local and national solution. Protect your investment and ensure your future growth and ask us about all of our employment screening solutions.