PeopleFacts pre-employment driving record report from the department of motor vehicles analyzes accident and driving records for both basic and commercial licenses.

PeopleFacts Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

MVR will include driving records on an applicant from the state searched. Information provided may include fines, traffic violations, points and DUIs.

PeopleFacts Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

CDL is a comprehensive report identifying commercial-related license status, driving violations, points and DUIs. This can be important for companies with regulated employees who drive company vehicles, or operate their own vehicles on company time.

PeopleFacts offers clients peace of mind, knowing that their screening processes are completely compliant with all federal, state and local laws.

FACT: A member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, PeopleFacts has been a leader in the employment data industry since 1987.

FACT: PeopleFacts provides employing organizations nationwide with the highest quality screening products and customer support available in the industry.

FACT: The PeopleFacts DataSure system increases the accuracy of reports through manual reviews by industry professionals located in a U.S.-based headquarters.

And what if their main priority is in transportation? Employee driving records should be top of your check list