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Criminal Record Searches

Rapid Searches:

  • Access over 1 billion criminal records, nationwide
  • Search criminal records rapidly from 46 states plus Washington, DC
  • View sex offender reports from all 50 states with rapid results
  • Use a variety of terrorist, most-wanted, Interpol and narcotics database reports
  • Search internationally in over 250 countries

Manual Searches:

  • Conduct manual record searches in jurisdictions where data is not readily available
  • Benefit from our network of on-site and/or local researchers
  • Access criminal records in over 3100 counties, nationwide

Social Security Number Checks

  • Verify validity of SSN against Death Master Index
  • Verify identities and work eligibility
  • View previous addresses and employers
  • Search criminal records in previous known locations

Motor Vehicle Reports

  • Discover expiration dates and limitations
  • Reveal previous accidents and incidents
  • Search specific state records,  i.e., driving history
  • Commercial driver’s license status and history

Manual Verifications and Reference Checking

  • Obtain credit and related business references
  • Confirm education and employment histories
  • Benefit from personal reference interviews
  • Validate licensures, certifications and other credentials
  • Perform international verifications and references in over 250 countries

Workers’ Compensation Reports

  • Investigate prior claims and court records in a selected state to assess fitness for particular positions
  • Identify fraudulent workers’ compensation practices

Credit History & Past Financial Practices

  • Utilize credit reports in full compliance with FCRA
  • View credit ratings and bankruptcy history
  • Identify bad check writing patterns rapidly nationwide
  • Assess vulnerability and risk for financial misdealing

Drug and Alcohol Screening

  • Identify illegal drug or alcohol misuse
  • Implement an on-going substance-free workplace screening program
  • Utilize rapid drug testing options for on-site screening
  • Improve results accuracy through comprehensive lab-based testing

Administrative Services

  • Simplify your administrative hiring decisions using your own custom designed hiring criteria
  • Identify decision requiring managerial approval or review
  • Specify criteria for specific position within your organization
  • Utilize our FCRA-compliant adverse action letter services

Other Employment Products

  • People tracking and training via Smart-Trak


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