The NEXT TRAK-1 Webinar on Background Screening, Part 2

On Tuesday, October 22nd at 12:00 pm CDT, Mrs. Nancy Lynn Roberts, ESQ., Owner and COO of TRAK-1 will bring to you the personnel checklist required for transforming your workplace into a safe haven for all.  Companies and non-profits are finding themselves increasingly at risk when they do not consider what is in the background of their employees and volunteers.  Mrs. Roberts will give you a Safety Check List for making your workplace secure and safe place to do business or serve others.

This webinar is a collaborative effort in conjunction with, a non-profit private social community of business professionals who deliver a bank of training and knowledge to organizations across the country.

Sign up today and make your workplace a rewarding experience, as Mrs. Roberts takes you deeper into ‘background screening!’  TRAK-1 is nationally accredited and Mrs. Roberts is FCRA Certified at the advanced level.

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