The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), formerly NAPBS, held its Annual Conference April 18-21, in St. Louis, Mo. During the annual membership meeting, elected as a director, to serve a two year term was Nancy Lynn Roberts, Esq., Chief Compliance Officer, Trak-I Technology LLC. Ms. Roberts previously served as the Co-Chair of the Best Practices Committee and the Co-Chair of the Electronic Signatures Committee.

Today, Ms. Roberts serves as the board liason to the Tenant Screening Committee and Co-Chair of the Tenant Screening Steering Committee. Ms. Roberts is a vocal advocate for the PBSA Background Screening Accreditation Program and a grassroots advisor for the state of Oklahoma to the Government Relations Committee.

PeopleFacts is a privately held nationwide screening firm that provides risk management consultation and services to employers, landlords, non-profit organizations, religious organizations and business owners across the country. With its headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, PeopleFacts offers sales and services through a variety of distributors and sales agents located in over 20 states across the country. PeopleFacts is certified to handle consumer information in a secure way and is committed to helping to establish safe and healthy workplace, living and non-profit service environments.

The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) is the leading national resource for issues related to the rapidly expanding background screening industry. Founded in 2003 as a nonprofit trade association, PBSA promotes ethical business practices and fosters awareness of privacy rights and consumer protection issues. It is the foremost leader in the movement toward establishing generally accepted and reliable standards for background screening professionals and organizations. Now representing over 650 member companies in the US and internationally, PBSA is active in public affairs and presents a unified voice for the industry in the development of national, state, and local regulation. It advances industry objectives by providing a national infrastructure, organizational support, strong branding, and a forum for an open exchange of ideas. It also sponsors research on front-burner issues relevant to the industry; for example, consumer disputes and screening for terrorists. The PBSA has also unveiled an accreditation program for PBSA members, exhibited at conferences of human resources professionals and other related industries. To find out more information, go to