Get A Fresh Start on Residential Background Checks!

Looking to discover a fresh approach on the way your background checks can be handled?  With the help of the experienced background screeners at PeopleFacts and the experts at Simply Computer Software, Inc., we have made background screening easier than ever!

Does your current background screening solution cause you more pain than gain?  Then you have arrived at the right place! At PeopleFacts, we are serious about delivering you the best experience in the industry. What does this mean to you?

  • Seamless INTEGRATION with FHA Software
  • FASTand ACCURATE data to make informed leasing decisions
  • Speed, quality and solid customer support – the foundation to our core business
  • Review and rule-in the right people for your community

How Do We Unlock the Power of Background Screening for You?

One of the toughest risk management issues you can face is leasing with confidence.  Confidence in leasing comes from a consistent application process that will keep you compliant within Fair Housing Laws. Below are many aspects involved with consistent background screening:

  • Access the fastest and most intuitive rental applicant decision model on the market
  • County Level Criminal Records Search
  • Obtain information from over 1 billion criminal records nationwide
  • Identify sexual offenders to protect communities
  • Customize an objective, instant decision model
  • Residential Credit Reporting appropriately assessed to reduce risk
  • Confirm identities through Social Security Number checks
  • Access nationwide eviction and bad check reports


Are you ready to grow past your current situation with a personalized package for your community? Complete the form to your right and let us help you make a fresh start!

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