What is the biggest driver of the world’s economy? 

Despite the globalization of trade and commerce, the single most significant factor in determining the economic health of both America and—and the world’s—economy is U.S. retail consumer spending.

Not surprisingly, America’s retail industry is also one of the nation’s largest employers—with a workforce estimated to be over 15 million people. In addition, employment in the U.S. retail sector is expected to grow by over 10 percent between 2012 and 2022

Given the size and scope of the retail workforce, and the industry’s critical need for reliable and trustworthy employees, the importance of retail pre-employment screening is self-evident. 

Companies seeking to complete background checks for retail employees can often face a daunting task; PeopleFacts’ professionals understand the retail industry’s employment needs, and utilize decades’ of experience to tailor retail employment screening to meet the industry’s specific needs.

Easy Access To Products, Customers, Information Pose Retail Risk

Whether they work in grocery stores, car dealerships or other retail facilities, retail employees have easy access to a wide array of products; in addition, interaction with retail customers means employees also have access to private items such as customers’ credit cards and other personal data.

Retail employment screening is a vital tool that helps provide a higher degree of certainty for employers in the retail sector; given the potential loss of customers, as well as legal liability for employees’ actions in service of those customers, it’s imperative that retail employers take every reasonable precaution when hiring staff.

In addition to background checks, drug testing for retail employees can also help to minimize the likelihood of any criminal or undesirable activity occurring in a retail workplace environment.

With decades of experience partnering with retailers large and small, PeopleFacts understands the challenges faced by the retail sector, and develops background checks for retail employees that are tailored to meet the industry’s unique requirements.

For retailers nationwide, PeopleFacts’ areas of specializations include:

  • Retail Clothing Pre-employment Screening
  • Retail Electronic Pre-employment Screening
  • Retail Food and Beverage Pre-employment Screening
  • Car Dealership Pre-employment Screening
  • Department Store Pre-employment Screening
  • Convenience and Supermarket Pre-employment Screening

PeopleFacts offers background checks that are fast, affordable and most of all relevant to specific roles and responsibilities.

PeopleFacts background screening services of particular interest to the retail industry include:

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