Americans are, by nature, a generous people who donate a great deal of their time and money to worthy causes and organizations.

In fact, it’s estimated that there are more than 1.5 million non-profit groups and organizations across America. For a large number of those non-profits, volunteers constitute the backbone of their organization. And although volunteer workers are unpaid, they are often charged with a high degree of responsibility—interacting with young, old and disabled people, as well as donations and personal information of donors.

PeopleFacts understands the critical importance of pre-employment screening for volunteers, and the important role that background checks play in ensuring the caliber of the individuals who serve as volunteers.

With many decades of experience, PeopleFacts offers non-profit organizations background checks for volunteers that are specifically designed to meet their organization’s unique requirements.

Millions Of Volunteers=Millions Of Background Checks

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are more than 62 million volunteers in America, or approximately one in four adult Americans.

That equates to more than 7 billion hours of volunteering; considering the number of man-hours donated by men and women across America to non-profit groups, the demand—and need--for volunteer background screening becomes readily apparent.

To help non-profit organizations meet that daunting task, PeopleFacts offers an array of efficient--and affordable--background checks designed specifically for volunteers.

Whether it’s providing assistance for the disabled, or volunteering their time and resources to wounded veterans, the legions of volunteers across America help non-profit organizations meet the ever-growing demands for their services.

PeopleFacts pre-employment screening for volunteers plays an important role in helping to ensure that those charged with assisting their fellow Americans are up to the important tasks at hand.

PeopleFacts offers an array of specialized pre-employment screening for a cross-section of volunteer organizations, including:

  • Non-Profit Pre-Employment Screening
  • Shelter Pre-Employment Screening
  • School Pre-Employment Screening
  • Youth Volunteer Pre-Employment Screening
  • Special Education Pre-Employment Screening
  • Sports Volunteer Pre-Employment Screening
  • Religious Services Volunteer Pre-Employment Services

PeopleFacts background screening services of particular interest to volunteer contributors include:

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