Workers are often needed temporarily, but the effect on a company who hires unwisely can be felt for a long time after they are gone.

In recent years, pre-employment screening for staffing companies have been gaining in popularity—as well as importance—as employers seek reassurance that even their temporary or replacement staff are trustworthy and reliable. 

In addition, a growing number of companies realize that the costs of hiring employees from a staffing agency who do not meet the high standards they require can far exceed whatever one-time costs are incurred by conducting staffing agency background checks.

PeopleFacts understands that any form of pre-employment screening can be cumbersome and time consuming for both an employer or staffing company. That is why we design staffing agency background checks that help to relieve the burden for both agencies and employers.

Unscreened Temporary Workers Can Create Permanent Problems

As the U.S. economy continues to expand, and memories the recession fade, an ever-increasing number of employers are turning to staffing agencies to fill openings.

It’s estimated that there are over 9,500 staffing companies in the United States, and the industry generates more than $74 billion in revenue.

That translates into thousands of temporary and replacement workers, a sizeable percentage of whom will require staffing background checks and employment screening.

In recognition of that reality, PeopleFacts offers a wide range of background checks appropriate to specific roles and responsibilities. Vetting of temporary workers by PeopleFacts is fast and efficient, and covers all the essential human resource questions.

PeopleFacts’ Area Of Specialization For Staffing Agencies Include:

  • Industrial Staffing Pre-Employment Screening
  • IT Staffing Pre-Employment Screening
  • Temporary Staffing Pre-Employment Screening
  • Contract Staffing Pre-Employment Screening
  • Direct Hire Pre-Employment Screening
  • Education Staffing Pre-Employment Screening
  • Healthcare Staffing Pre-Employment Screening
  • Hospitality Staffing Pre-Employment Screening
  • Transportation Staffing Pre-Employment Screening

PeopleFacts background screening services of particular interest to the staffing industry include:

See a full list of PeopleFacts employee background screenings in Solutions.