Americans are nomadic by nature and therefore enjoy traveling—a lot. 

With a nation that borders two oceans—and a vast continent in between—there is much to see and do in America, and as they visit places far and near, Americans—and visitors to America from around the world—expect the hospitality industry to provide more than just a place to rest. 

That’s why pre-employment screening for hotels is a critical element in ensuring that only trustworthy, honest individuals are hired within America’s hospitality sector.

Just how large is the U.S. hospitality industry? In 2013, America’s lodging industry alone generated over $41 billion in pretax income, and one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations—Las Vegas—welcomed more than 40 million visitors in 2014. 

Not surprising, then, that the industry is also one the country’s largest employers; it’s estimated that about 8 million Americans are employed in the nation’s hospitality sector. 

So a great deal is at stake each and every day when companies involved in the hospitality industry select candidates to fill their industry’s multitude of positions. Hotel employee background checks are an important tool for companies in the hospitality sector, as travelers expect—and deserve—to know that they are interacting with hospitality employees who can be trusted. 

Access To Guests & Their Rooms Raises The Bar For Quality Employees

Many employees of the hospitality industry are granted unique privileges that include ready access to travelers’ rooms, vehicles and luggage and all the contents therein; combined with the often high turnover rate within the travel sector, the need for ensuring that only trustworthy, quality candidates are considered for employment in the hospitality industry is readily apparent.

PeopleFacts understands the critical importance of ensuring that only reliable and honest individuals are hired within the hospitality sector; the quality of the ‘character’ of hospitality employees can mean the difference between repeat customers and one-time visitors. 

Hotel employee background checks provide an ‘insurance policy’ that only candidates with the requisite qualities and background are hired within the hospitality sector.

Pre-employment testing and pre-employment screening are essential within the hospitality industry. At PeopleFacts, we specialize in:

  • Bars Pre-employment Testing
  • Restaurant Pre-employment Testing
  • Hotel Pre-employment Testing
  • Spa Pre-employment Testing
  • Nightclub Pre-employment Testing
  • Casino Pre-Employment Screening

PeopleFacts background screening services of particular interest to the hospitality industry include:

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