The nation’s energy sector is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. 

The utility companies that help to heat or light our homes and offices, power our manufacturing facilities--as well as provide fuel for our vehicles--are also some of the largest employers in the nation; these companies also face some of the biggest challenges when determining which candidates to hire.

The simple fact is that pre-employment screening for energy companies can be a most daunting task, especially when one considers the often-technical nature of utility employment, and the wide-ranging effects that a mistake can have on the general population. 

As an experienced industry leader in energy employee background checks, PeopleFacts’ professionals are trained to help ensure that candidates for employment in the energy sector are fully qualified for the task at hand.

In recent years, America’s energy industry has been one of largest drivers of the nation’s economic recovery. It’s estimated that over 8 million Americans are employed in the energy industry, and that doesn’t take into account the thousands of Americans working in industries providing support services to the energy sector.

Given the size of the U.S. energy workforce, one can also understand the scope of the challenge for the industry presented by thousands of energy employee background checks. 

And the energy sector is a diverse and expansive one, with major employment in energy markets that include oil and natural gas, nuclear energy, electricity and public utilities, as well as the mining industry.

Diverse Employment In A Growing And Diverse Energy Industry

PeopleFacts understands that while energy companies share a similar goal—meeting the ever-expanding energy needs of the American market—the companies that employ energy workers are as diverse as their workforce. That’s why we offer specialized pre-employment screening for energy companies that are designed specifically for their unique industry needs.

Our specialized energy employee background checks service each sector of the energy industry, including:

  • Oil and Gas Pre-employment Screening
  • Solar Pre-employment Screening
  • Electricity Pre-employment Screening
  • Public Utilities Pre-employment Screening
  • Mining Pre-employment Screening
  • Nuclear Energy Pre-employment Screening

PeopleFacts also provides an array of background screening services that are specifically relevant to companies within the nation’s energy sector. 

The diverse pre-employment screening for energy companies offered by PeopleFacts include:

See a full list of PeopleFacts employee background screenings in Solutions.

America is the world’s greatest energy producer; PeopleFacts helps ensure that America’s energy companies hire only candidates that are of the caliber required to secure the energy industry’s continued success.