Background screening is a very comprehensive term – this word refers to a multitude of categories and services. If you do decide that a background screening program is what your hiring process needs, how do you even know what categories of people to screen?

What categories of people are being screened by the companies that we are serving? Again, this is from our national results: boards and executive members, leaders, managers, professionals, employees and staff, contractors. You may be surprised that the amount of contract or work that is done, we are integrated with several contractors or platforms. That is definitely an increased focus point for background screening practices, and really is being viewed more and more as a high risk area as the IRS has come in and reset their rules for contractors as well.

Clearly, the temporary staffing space and vendor management space are two additionally areas where people need to be screened. Then, of course, volunteers and visitors on to school grounds must be screened. We’re seeing more and more of our schools move to having parents and our associations move to having members, as well as residents of college campuses, of long-term care facilities, and even some non-profit organizations that offer housing on a short-term basis. They are moving to screening even in the short-term contexts. We’ve definitely seen a situation where screening has rapidly expanded to all areas, all people, and we’ve seen that happen over the course of the last five years.

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