We are so thankful to work with an amazing team at PeopleFacts Technology. If you haven’t seen our “What are you thankful for?” video yet, I would HIGHLY suggest watching it.

Throughout the video you could tell most of our employees were thankful for their families. Maybe this was seen as repetitive, but I think it shows how truly thankful our employees are for their loved ones.

The video shows the true spirit and personality of everyone around the office. Vice President of Business Development Kyle Hendricks expressed his thankfulness for queso. We are able to have a little fun, and quirky moments like these help keep the office an exciting place to come into every day.

We are truly thankful for all of our clients and referral partners we’ve made over these past 18 plus years of business. We would love to keep in touch in the future as well. What are you thankful for? Tell us on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages or tweet at us at @Trak1Screening.