Maybe you have made the decision that your organization needs to participate in background screening, or maybe you have made the opposite decision. Regardless, it is imperative that you understand how background screening is being used by similar-sized companies and companies in your industry to ensure that you are protected!

How are companies using background screening? For me, that’s the second question that an organization needs to be asking itself.

A SHRM survey in 2012, involving companies of all sizes, stated:

  • 87% of the companies surveyed said they are actually doing the screening
    • Of those 87%, 69% are screening all of their employees
    • 18% are screening some of their employees
    • 14% are saying that they are screening no employees

We are a national firm. We do have over 10,000 clients that we’re actively billing. We have 50% of our clientele in the employment and volunteer screening space and 50% in the residential or tenant screening space. I’m really sharing with you insights from the clients that we are actively serving today.

Our tenant screeners for the most part are the ratio of the stats which fall in the same category where if they’re doing screening, the vast majority in that 70% to 74% range are actually doing all of their tenants, and a much lower number than 18% is actually only doing some of their tenants, and an even smaller number about 10% are in the ‘We don’t screen our tenant’s range’. Most of those that are not screening their tenants are what I call ‘Private Property Owners’ that have four or five or six tenants that they’re screening for, rather than the vast majority of our client base which is large size property management companies or large size multi-family housing organizations or housing authorities.

Now that you know how companies are screening on a broad level, it is important that you dig deeper and find out how companies in your industry are utilizing background screening! For more information please make use of our free resources: