When you are hiring, is fear a primary motivation for diving into the history of an applicant? Starting off your hiring process with fear as your motivation is a dangerous ledge to perch on!

In the past, background screening really has been viewed from a fear-based approach. In other words, “I’m going to do screening upfront because I’m afraid of what I might find out later or what someone else might find out later about somebody that I decide to hire.”

The fear-based approach is good rational for background screening. But something that we try to get our clients and colleagues to think about is that background screening is all about is starting your relationships from a place of knowledge with quality information. When you have facts and information that you need to make a quality decision – you start making smarter decisions, and as a result, your organization is more sustainable over the long haul. Your relationships, whether it’s with an employee, a volunteer or a tenant, are more sustainable in the long haul because you have the information from the beginning, and continue to make sure you had information throughout the relationship.

It’s a little bit of a change in thinking as opposed to a fear-based thinking model. It’s a thinking model that says, “I’m going to start from a place of knowledge, and with that knowledge, I can decide what level of risk I’m willing to assume, and then I can make quality decisions going forward.”

Quality decisions are tough to make, and they become even more difficult when you make decisions from a place of fear or mistrust. To be sure that you are propelling your organization into the future with your next hire, be sure that your motivations are spurred by a desire for knowledge! For more information please make use of our free resources: https://peoplefacts.com/webinars/.