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Employment Verification

Women on the phone providing an employment verification report
Employment verification is easy when done through Peoplefact. Verify their resume.

Verifiable information is always a critical component for a successful company. Business decisions are based upon reliable—and verifiable—information, and few business decisions are more important than the individuals a company chooses to hire.

PeopleFacts offers employment verification reports, and authentication solutions, that are designed to help safeguard your company’s assets, staff and proprietary information against misrepresentation and identity fraud.

Access to complete, reliable information about a candidate’s employment experience is one of the most vital tools in the background screening process, and employment verifications provide your company with that important tool.  PeopleFacts’ employment verification report can confirm an applicant’s current—and previous—employment status, including information such as:

  • Dates of employment
  • Job titles
  • Job duties
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Attendance records
  • Employee ratings
  • Eligibility for rehire

These critical information points can also play an important role in establishing the appropriate salary range for the job candidate.

PeopleFacts Employment Verification Report

Our employment verification reports verify the applicant’s employment and position with current and previous employers. Simple verification or in-depth interview reports are available; in addition, questions can be customized to fit your needs.

PeopleFacts Professional License Verification

Our Professional License Verification is designed to verifythrough the issuing agencythe validity of professional licenses of doctors, nurses, accountants or any occupation requiring special credentials. Typically indicates license type, issuing authority and dates of validity.

PeopleFacts Personal Reference Check

Contact is made to interview a candidate’s provided references in order to ask a list of questions required to verify the status of a candidate’s character. This service seeks information concerning their reputation, conduct and integrity of an applicant.

PeopleFacts Professional Reference Check

As part of the PeopleFacts Professional Reference Check, an applicant’s professional references are contacted and verified to obtain an assessment of their work record and capability. Questions can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

PeopleFacts Workers' Compensation Verification

Workers’ Compensation Verification Reports include date of incident(s), time lost, name of employer at time of accident, type of injury and body part injured. Note: Workers’ Compensation Reports should only be used in compliance with A.D.A. requirements and applicable laws.

PeopleFacts International Verifications

Global employment verification reports, including items such as previous employment, academic verifications, reference checks andwhere legally available and reliablecriminal record checks, credit checks and professional license checks. PeopleFacts can also partner with customers to implement an effective global background screening program in order to ensure global consistency.  PeopleFacts offers our clients ‘peace of mind’, knowing that their screening processes are completely compliant with all federal, state and local laws. A member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, PeopleFacts has been a leader in the employment data industry since 1987. PeopleFacts provides businesses and organizations nationwide with the highest quality screening products and customer support available in the industry. The PeopleFacts DataSure System increases the accuracy of reports through manual reviews by industry professionals located in our U.S.-based headquarters.  Highly regarded for its accuracy and expansive network, PeopleFacts pre-employment screening provides organizations a local and national solution. Protect your investments and ensure your company’s future growth, and ask us about all of our employment screening solutions.