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Pre-Employment Screening Process White Papers

The Pre-employment process can be challenging, but PeopleFacts makes it easy. Feel free to download our free whitepapers to help you make informed decisions. They're all free, just provide us with an email and you will be sent a download link.

FCRA Compliance - 7 Do's and Dont's

Consumer reports and investigative consumer reports can play an important role in hiring decisions. However, the use of such information can come at a price; quite recently, a rising number of employers have been hit with class action lawsuits under the federal law -- the Fair Credit Reporting Act -- that imposes requirements on employers who use consumer report and investigative consumer reports.

Learn how you can avoid these class actions lawsuits by downloading our whitepaper. 

EEOC Criminal Records Compliance Guidelines

According to EEOC Compliance, there are two ways employer’s use of employee criminal history information may violate the EEOC’s guidelines. Learn the facts.

Avoid Negligent Hiring Claims

Employment screening and pre-employment background checks done wrong cost companies millions each year. Are you making these critical mistakes?