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Pre-Employment Testing for Transportation

pre-employment testing for transportation
Don't take chances on who drives your vehicles. Get pre-employment testing for transportation

Mobility is an inherent element of the American character. With a nation that traverses an enitre continent, the challenge of crossing mountains, prairies and deserts is one that confronts the transportation industry on a daily basis.

It's estimated that there are approximately 160,000 miles of highway stretching across America. The need to transport goods and people across all those highways means that the transportation industry is one of the nation's largest employers.

Pre-employment screening for transportation employees is a vital tool in helping to ensure that all those tasked with transporting both people and goods are both reliable and trustworthy employees. PeopleFacts has a long history of offering employment screening for the transportation industry, partnering with companies nationwide to assist with the daunting task of screening a wide range of transportation employees--from taxi and bus drivers, to railway and trucking personnel.

As the economic recovery continues, the number of employees within the transportation sector also continues to grow.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the last year the trucking industry alone has seen an increase of 38,000 jobs; while increased transportation sector employment is good news, it also presents increased challenges for those responsible for conducting background checks for transportation companies.

Safety Concerns Make Transportation Background Checks Imperative

Personnel involved in the transportation sector are often given a high degree of responsibility for the safety of many others; Americans traveling on--or near--buses, trains, trucks and other modes of transportation, rely upon employment screening for the transportation industry to ensure that transport employees do not jeopardize their safety.

Understanding the transportation sector’s need to ensure the safety of both  employees--and the rest of Americans--PeopleFacts offers employment screening for the transportation industry specifically designed to meet the industry’s unique requirements.

PeopleFacts offers a wide range of transportation industry background checks, appropriate to specific roles and responsibilities, that are both affordable and efficient.

PeopleFacts’ areas of specialization within the transportation industry include:

  • Aeronautics Pre-employment Screening
  • Bus Pre-employment Screening
  • Railway Pre-employment Screening
  • Trucking & Freight Pre-employment Screening
  • Postal Services Pre-employment Screening
  • Public Transportation Pre-employment Screening
  • Taxi Pre-employment Screening
  • Limousine Pre-employment Screening

PeopleFacts background screening services of particular interest to the transportation industry includes:

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