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Pre-Employment Testing for Manufacturing

Pre Employment testing for manufacturing
Pre-employment testing for manufacturing companies with the best results.

Few, if any, industries in America face more safety challenges than companies involved in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Every workday, employees in the manufacturing sector are tasked with handling often complex and potentially dangerous machinery.

That’s why pre-employment screening for manufacturing employees is a vital component in ensuring workplace safety and avoiding costly accidents. Appropriate training, and recurring drug and alcohol testing, are also key elements in continuously ensuring that manufacturing employees don’t endanger either themselves, or their co-workers.

Employment screening for manufacturing companies can be challenging for employers, especially given the size and scope of U.S. manufacturing. Despite changes in the American economy over the last several decades, the American manufacturing sector still employs an estimated 17.5 million people, making it one of the nation’s primary economic engines.

PeopleFacts understands that with a workforce of that size, companies face a daunting task when it comes to employment screening in the manufacturing sector. With many decades of experience tailoring pre-employment screening for manufacturing, PeopleFacts works closely with employers to ensure that background checks provide the necessary information required to assist companies seeking to fill manufacturing-based positions.

A Diverse Industry Requires Wide Array Of Background Checks

America’s manufacturing industry is a widely diverse sector, encompassing everything from manufacturers of baked goods to automobiles. As a result, pre-employment screening for manufacturing has to reflect the unique requirements of the individual manufacturer.

PeopleFacts professionals understand that there is no one template to satisfy the employment screening needs of American manufacturing. Background check programs are designed to suit the individual company—for example, background screening for machine operators are different than for those involved in lighter manufacturing activities.

In addition, given the high risk for potential danger involved in many manufacturing workplaces, continuous scheduling of drug screening for manufacturing companies is also both recommended, and often required.

As an industry leader, with decades of experience developing and implementing employment screening for manufacturing companies, PeopleFacts specializes in several manufacturing screening programs, including:

  • Automobile Manufacturing Pre-employment Screening
  • Textile Manufacturing Pre-employment Screening
  • Electronic Manufacturing Pre-employment Screening
  • Machinery Manufacturing Pre-employment Screening
  • Plastics Manufacturing Pre-employment Screening
  • Food Manufacturing Pre-employment Screening

PeopleFacts’ manufacturing background checks are fast, affordable and developed to be relevant to specific roles and responsibilities; background screening services of particular interest to the manufacturing industry include:

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