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IT Pre-Employment Testing

IT pre-employment testing
IT Pre-employment Testing utilizing leading edge technology. Fast and accurate

What are today’s most important tech talents? PeopleFacts constantly updates its criteria based on industry standards. Vetting includes verification of education, employment and professional training certification.

On any given day, you are likely to find a headline about the most recent high profile corporate security breach, exposing some of the most private and confidential information of both employees and their employers.

In the new millennium, the term ‘cyber-crime’ has become all-too-familiar, and protecting important data has become a top priority for companies large and small. Proactively ensuring that the employees with access to information technology are of the highest level of reliability is one reason why IT pre-employment screening has become a necessity for most American businesses in the technology sector.

As one of the main engines powering the modern U.S. economy, the technology sector continues to grow rapidly; between 2012 and 2020, employment in all computer occupations is expected to grow by about 22 percent.

Ensuring that IT positions are filled by only the most trustworthy and reliable employees is a top priority in the Information Age, and background checks for technology companies play a key role in helping those businesses discern which candidates meet their high standards for reliability. 

Rapid Growth Presents Hiring Challenges For IT Companies

As one of the fastest-growing business sectors in this decade, IT companies face the challenge of hiring an increasing number of skilled and trustworthy employees; that’s why PeopleFacts offers employment screening for IT companies that is uniquely designed to lessen that burden, and simplify the hiring process.

For technology companies, whose unique area of expertise is—of course—computer related, background screening of potential employees is not in line with the focus of their daily business. 

However, PeopleFacts understands that vetting and verifying the education, employment and professional training of IT job candidates through IT pre-employment screening is critical for the data safety of both the companies, and their clients; by performing this necessary function, PeopleFacts’ professionals allow IT companies to focus their energy where it should be—on technology, not human resources.

PeopleFacts offers a wide range of IT background checks appropriate to specific roles and responsibilities. Our areas of specialization include:

  • Software Pre-employment Screening
  • Internet Technology Pre-employment Screening
  • BioTech Pre-employment Screening
  • Communication Technology Pre-employment Screening
  • Consumer Electronics Pre-employment Screening
  • Transportation Technology Pre-employment Screening
  • Healthcare Technology Pre-employment Screening

PeopleFacts background screening services of particular interest tothe technology industry include:

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