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PeopleFacts Employment Screening Company

People going through an employment screening compnay
PeopleFacts is an Employment Screening Company with operations in Ohio, California and Nevada.

PeopleFacts has a long established reputation as a nationwide employment screening company, providing background checks and employment screening products and services to large and small businesses across America.

Renowned for its innovative, customer-focused solutions, PeopleFacts has become an industry leader by tailoring its services to the specific needs of its clients.

When companies search for an employment screening company, they want to partner with a company that has a wide array of innovative products that will help ensure the quality and reliability of employment candidates.

At PeopleFacts, we offer our clients unparalleled state-of-the-art employment screening products and services including:

Automated Authentication Cross Check

All of PeopleFacts’ services and products are designed to provide accurate, and prompt information, so that our clients receive data and reports designed to meet their tightest deadlines.

As an employment screening industry leader, the professionals at PeopleFacts are constantly monitoring industry trends and developments. To keep up with the most important topics affecting the ever-changing employment industry, please visit our PeopleFacts blog here for an informed, insider's perspective on the latest news and industry trends.

As a long established employment screening company, PeopleFacts has a corporate history spanning many decades that combines unsurpassed customer service, cutting-edge technology and customized solutions.

And as a nationwide employment screening leader, PeopleFacts products and services have a strong reputation of helping clients to minimize risk, protect their investments and help ensure a safe workplace.

For more information on how PeopleFacts can support and add value to your company's hiring process, please call us at 1-800-849-1071.

PeopleFacts is a wholly owned subsidiary of holding company, SNH Inc. For nearly 20 years, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and consumers nationwide have turned to companies owned and operated by SNH for products and services such as mortgage applications, credit reports, valuations, background screenings and affordable energy. Using the latest technologies, SNH specializes in creating cost-effective products and services that enable partners in the automotive, energy, mortgage, finance and employment industries to better serve the needs of their customers. SNH’s entities include National Credit Center, PeopleFacts, Sperian Energy and the SettlementOne family of companies consisting of SettlementOne Credit and SettlementOne Valuation.